Man Wah

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Man Wah Holdings was founded in 1992 and is now one of the world’s largest producers of home furnishings. With offices and production facilities throughout the world, the company is a global leader in the design and production of motion and stationary sofas, recliners, accent chairs and home theater seating.

In the Fiscal year 2022 Man Wah reported revenues of $2.7 billion USD, Ranking among the top Global Home Furnishings Companies.

A publicly traded company, Man Wah’s shares are listed on the Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges and are a component of the widely-watched Hang Seng Index. In addition, the shares can be traded through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, a two-way trading link between the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges that was established in 2014.

In fiscal 2022, Man Wah’s revenues exceeded $2.7 billion USD, making the company one of the largest global home furnishings entities.

Man Wah Furniture

Man Wah has over 30 million square feet of Manufacturing with Factories in China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.

Man Wah has a modern manufacturing system and logistics network spanning four continents, including factories in China, Vietnam, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Mexico. These facilities produce thousands of containers of home furnishings each month that are exported throughout the world. Their contents provide comfortable, fashionable furniture for millions of households.

In China, Man Wah has formed a retail network consisting of more than 8,000 specialty stores in 30 provinces. These stores are part of a distribution system that provides home delivery of sofas, mattresses and other home furnishings to thousands of households throughout the country every day.

Man Wah’s distinctive brands – Cheers, First Class, MW Home, Edge, Easy Motion, Futura, SleepCheers and Nicoletti Home – allow the company to offer retailers a diverse lineup of products covering a wide range of price points. In addition, the company has partnered with Microsoft to provide state-of-the-art technology support for its retail partners to ensure a continuous flow of information.

As a strategic partner of numerous well-known home furnishings retailers throughout the world, Man Wah products are sold in nearly 100 countries. The company has established 22 regional subsidiaries and more than 200 branch offices to support its dealers.

Award-Winning Innovation

A recognized global leader in product innovation, Man Wah’s in-house research and development team helps keep the company on the cutting edge of technology. The company has obtained or applied for more than 200 design and technology patents.

The company has been honored more than a dozen times by Forbes Asia and other leading business publications on the continent who cited its rapid growth and financial stability as it became one of the top companies in China’s home furnishings industry. Awards have included Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion” list, and the “Top 500 Private Enterprises in China” listing. Two of its brands, Cheers and First Class, were recently included on a list of the 500 most valuable brands in China.

Masterful Craftsmanship

from start to finish

Man Wah is dedicated to social responsibility and is one of the first in the furniture industry to adopt clean solar energy.

A socially responsible company, Man Wah is committed to protecting the environment for future generations. It was one of the first home furnishings manufacturers to commit to the “clean energy” movement when it built a solar power generating system on the roof of its factory in Guangdong Province in 2016. The system produces about 15 million kilowatt hours annually and is a model for utilizing solar power to operate a complex manufacturing site.

In addition, the company has developed an efficient waste recycling system at each of its manufacturing sites, works hard to reduce emissions, and promotes energy conservation throughout its global network, regardless of the power source.

Man Wah is also devoted to the health and welfare of its employees by providing them with comfortable housing and numerous growth opportunities. The company has worked with world-renowned universities such as Harvard, the University of Chicago and Peking University to recruit and develop talented people in all aspects of the business.

This commitment to our people allows us to remain a leader in the global home furnishings industry.

Vision, Mission & Values

Corporate Vision

To become a world-class and respected home furnishing enterprise.

Established more than 30 years ago, Man Wah’s many furniture brands are leaders in design and technology. Our products offer design solutions for consumers seeking a warm, comfortable home environment.

We are an industry leader in sustainability, and we believe it is our responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations.

But our most important resource is our people. Regardless of whether they work on the factory floor, customer service, research and development, or any other department, we’re constantly striving to improve their work environment.

Corporate Mission

To help consumers create a healthy, comfortable and fashionable home.

Man Wah is committed to creating high-quality products that add value to every home, while emphasizing social responsibility.

We believe there is both a corporate and individual responsibility to fulfill this mission, and no one should ever shy away from making difficult decisions. But by encouraging cooperation and collaboration, we believe our chances of success are much greater.

Our Core Values

Fulfilling our social responsibilities and maintaining world class sustainability practices

We are committed to being a law-abiding global corporation that operates with the highest ethical standards. We also support a variety of social welfare and charitable undertakings that contribute to the betterment of society.